Dropdown Field

Illustrated drawing of Amadeus Maxmimilian StadlerIllustrated drawing of Amadeus Maxmimilian Stadler

Amadeus Stadler

Published August 25, 2021

The Dropdown field allows selecting a single value from a list of values.

Editing UI Widget

This field is displayed as a dropdown menu labelled with the field’s label in the Content Editor.

Output Format

The Dropdown field outputs the selected value in its predefined type.


The following options are available for this field (default values shown):

  "filterable": false,
  "removable": false,
  "placeholder": "Select a value…",
  "options": []
  • filterable: whether or not to show an input field for filtering the values of the dropdown menu

  • removable: whether or not to include an entry in the dropdown field that allows resetting the value to null

  • placeholder: the placeholder text to use while the dropdown’s value is null, i.e. no value is selected

  • options: the options available in the dropdown field. May be either an array of values, an array of { label, value } objects, or an object containing a path to a JSON file and a key to look an options array up under


The following validation options are available for this field (default values shown):

  "required": false


If you only have a couple of options to select from, or want users to be able to select multiple values, you may be looking for the Radio Group and Checkboxes fields.

Version History

  • Version at launch: 1