The .mattrbld Folder

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Amadeus Stadler

Last updated August 24, 2021

In this brief article, you’ll learn why there is a new folder called .mattrbld at the root of your project after you have configured it to work with Mattrbld and what you can do with it.

All files in your project relating solely to Mattrbld, such as various configuration files, will be stored in a special folder called .mattrbld at the root of your repository. This is done to ensure that there’s minimal pollution of your repository by Mattrbld so everything is stored in a predictable place and you can easily remove it, should you choose to no longer use Mattrbld.

Since all of Mattrbld’s configuration files are plain JSON, you are also able to edit them like any other file from your favourite text editor, making bulk-actions easier and giving developers the option to reuse common configuration options across projects.

While determining whether or not a project was configured for Mattrbld, it checks whether the .mattrbld folder and the file .mattrbld/config.json exist at the root of the repository. This means that you should not move this folder.

Be careful when editing the configuration files by hand, as an error could prevent Mattrbld from working correctly.

Coming Up

With basic configuration now taken care of, you may be ready to start collaborating with other people. Read on to learn how to invite other users into your project and how to manage their roles and permissions.

If instead you are more interested in how to map your content to fields editable in Mattrbld, you might want to skip ahead to the Data Modelling section.