Content Languages Field

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Amadeus Stadler

Last updated August 29, 2021

The Content Languages field allows selecting which languages the content will be available in. This field is special in that it overrides the global list of content languages set up during project configuration for the specific piece of content it appears in, causing only the selected languages to become editable in fields with localised set to true

Editing UI Widget

This field is displayed as a list of checkboxes labelled by their respective language code.

Output Format

The Content Languages field outputs the selected languages as an array containing the language code of each selected language as a string.


This field has no options. The list of selectable languages is generated from the global list of content languages in the “Internationalisation” section of the General Settings tab in the project settings.


The following validation options are available for this field (default values shown):

  "min": 1,
  "unit": "languages"


This field will be useless, unless internationalisation was configured for the project. You can learn more about multi-language projects in the article on multi-language content.

Version History

  • Version at launch: 1