Number Field

Illustrated drawing of Amadeus Maxmimilian StadlerIllustrated drawing of Amadeus Maxmimilian Stadler

Amadeus Stadler

Published August 25, 2021

The Number field allows inputting numbers.

Editing UI Widget

This field is displayed as a text input that only allows numbers to be input, labelled with the field’s label. Buttons for quickly increasing and decreasing the number’s value by 1 are also provided.

Output Format

The Number field outputs the text as a number or null if empty.


This field has no configurable options at the moment.


The following validation options are available for this field (default values shown):

  "max": null,
  "min": null,
  "required": false


Using a Number field as opposed to an Unformatted Text field has the advantage that the value is stored as a number as opposed to a string. This avoids unnecessary type conversions and ensures that an appropriate soft keyboard is shown on devices with only a touchscreen.

Version History

  • Version at launch: 1