Privacy Policy

I am by no means a lawyer and highly value your personal privacy, which is why I’ll try to keep this policy as short and human-readable as possible. In summary, this website only collects what it absolutely needs to function and stores nothing on your device.


This privacy policy applies to the website reachable under (“website”)—not the application under (“app”), which has its own privacy policy.

Data Collected

The website itself currently does not collect any data about its users. It may, in the future, include a tool to track basic, anonymous usage statistics such as visitor counts and usage rates to gauge the reach of and interest in the project, but presently does not do so. If such a tool will be included, this privacy policy will be updated accordingly to reflect that.

In order to make the website available on the internet, however, it has to be hosted on a server, which is in this case provided by GitLab Pages. In order to provide that service and protect themselves, GitLab has to collect certain information about their users including the following data:

  • Your IP address

  • The time and date of your visit

  • The referring site

  • Pages you have viewed and links you clicked on

  • Device information, which may include the device type, your operating system, browser type and version, language preferences, cookie identifiers, hardware identifiers, and mobile IDs

To find out more about how and why they collect and store this data, please refer to their Privacy Policy and this statement of how much of that policy applies to sites hosted with them.

Should you choose to make use of the data provided under “Imprint” to establish contact, the email-address you use to establish that contact and any other personal data you provide in your message will only be used for replying to your message, should you wish for that, and the prevention of any abuse of the provided contact information.

Closing words

Thank you for stopping by and putting your trust into me. If you have any questions regarding your data, please feel free to reach out via e-mail, Telegram, or Twitter.

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