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Amadeus Stadler

March 24, 2023

It’s finally done: all the features of Mattrbld (including some upcoming ones 😏) are now fully documented! It took much longer than anticipated—writing documentation is hard!—but with the last article published today, the first goal on this year’s roadmap is complete.

Finally, there aren’t any pesky “WIP: some of the links in this article might not work because the articles they link to haven’t been published yet” warnings any more and the docs should be fully navigable. 🥳

Of course, as always with software, nothing is ever truly done—and never perfect. I’m planning on keeping the documentation up-to-date as new features are added to Mattrbld, which should be much easier now that every existing feature is documented.

If you should come across any unclear points, broken links or typos 😱, feel free to let me know on Mastodon or Twitter, so I can fix them though! If there’s time, I’d also like to implement some quality of life improvements for the documentation on the website, but that’s a low priority right now.

With this work done, I’ll be able to focus on the development side of Mattrbld again and channel my writing-energy into producing some more practical examples and tutorials on how to use Mattrbld for your projects.

If you’ve been waiting until the documentation is complete to start using Mattrbld in your projects, you’re now out of an excuse. 😉 There are more than sixty articles waiting to be read.

Happy building! 😊