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Roadmap for 2023

Illustrated drawing of Amadeus Maxmimilian StadlerIllustrated drawing of Amadeus Maxmimilian Stadler

Amadeus Stadler

January 20, 2023

2023 has arrived in the blink of an eye. Last year marked the first feature-complete beta release of Mattrbld and some additions to the documentation, but I also didn’t get nearly as far as I had hoped.

After working a full-time job for a year, I now feel like I have a better understanding of how much I can realistically achieve in the coming twelve months. Here’s what I’m planning for the project in 2023, with the items marked “ambitious” planned, but not entirely realistic.


Documentation & Website

  • Finish the documentation

  • Publish some more complete examples of how to build websites with Mattrbld on the blog

  • Ambitious: create a video-version of the Quickstart Guide to reach more people


  • Refactor all the places where the <Toast /> component is used to work with the newer, more flexible and robust structure

  • Move from Webpack to Vite (Mattrbld is already written in Vue 3, but uses legacy tooling, so everything relying on Webpack needs to be ported to Vite)

  • Ambitious: clean up the entire codebase to be finally able to release the project as open-source

New Features

  • Finish the commenting feature for the Preview

  • Indicate that a sync event is happening on mobile

  • Add a “Drafts” card to the Dashboard

  • Add an automatic redirect from the project import page if the project was imported before to allow something like example.com/admin to point to the generic import link and drop the user directly to the project dashboard

  • Add various new default fields

  • Optimise the rich-text editor component for use on mobile devices

Bug Fixes

  • Fix images not loading in the Preview in non-toplevel image fields

  • And whatever else comes up 😉

Feasibility and Priorities

My employers graciously offer me a little time to work on Mattrbld here and there, since it’s used in some of their projects. This makes it possible for me to not have to sacrifice limited free time to the project, although those few hours aren’t enough to achieve everything listed above.

This means I have to prioritise and simply do my best. Thankfully, Mattrbld is in a state where it can be used in production (and has been for the past year). My focus will initially lie on the documentation and finishing the commenting feature that’s pretty far along in development. Once that’s completed, I’ll improve the tooling by migrating to Vite, which I expect to be non-trivial, but doable and which in turn will significantly improve maintainability and developer experience, opening up headroom for other new features and fixes.

The rest will come after, if there’s enough time. I’m positive 2023 will be a good year for Mattrbld, though! Have fun building and creating, and check back here for updates on the progress of the roadmap.

Happy new year, everyone! 🥳