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One Year of Mattrbld

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Amadeus Stadler

March 14, 2022, last updated March 13, 2022

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year already since I published the very first post on this website and introduced you to Mattrbld for the first time. It may not be the exact birthday of the project, but it certainly does feel like it.

A lot has happened in that first year. Since I was able to work on the project nearly full-time for the six months after the initial announcement, there was a lot of progress and Mattrbld grew from a lofty idea into a content management system that you can use for your own projects today. In addition to using Mattrbld to manage the content on this website, I have since also started using it for my personal portfolio and three projects for clients (with a fourth and maybe a fifth on the way). There are still some rough edges and limitations here and there, of course, but all in all, I’m happy with what Mattrbld is today—there’s always room to grow from there.

While I haven’t been able to work as actively on the project anymore since finishing my studies towards the end of last year and starting a full-time position at an agency, I have another release in the works that I’m hoping to publish soon, which will add some quality of life improvements such as being able to filter field types in Rows and Columns fields, as well as a fix for the very annoying bug that prevents mailto and tel links from being used in Link fields.

In addition to that, I’m keeping an ever growing list of more features to add and bugfixes to implement, but as fancy and necessary as those may be, my main priority is still to finish the documentation, which is still missing some important articles.

As you can hopefully gather, Mattrbld is still very much on my mind and even though life keeps me pretty occupied, I’m doing my best to get the project ready and stable enough for even more uses and many more years to come! 😊

In that sense, happy first birthday Mattrbld! 🥳 And thank you for reading this article and to everyone who is using the app already, as well as the many great open source projects that make something like this application possible.

As usual, feel free to reach out via Twitter for any questions or comments and stay tuned for more news and updates in the years to come. 😉