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Illustrated drawing of Amadeus Maxmimilian StadlerIllustrated drawing of Amadeus Maxmimilian Stadler

Amadeus Stadler

August 15, 2021

Welcome to this newest devlog for Mattrbld! It’ll be a short one. 😅 Like I announced in the last one, I took the first two weeks of August off of work and developing Mattrbld to finally have some real vacation time and enjoy the somewhat unreliable summer. As such, there was no significant amount of work done that I could tell you about, but I couldn’t help but do a little something here and there after all while I was winding down. Who knew that it was possible to forget how to relax? 😂

What’s New

Some Small Adjustments

I have recently introduced a footer in the homescreen of Mattrbld that’ll house a link to the privacy policy for those who want to read it and some other legal information that may be required in certain countries. I’ll have to find a good way to make these texts dynamic so people self-hosting Mattrbld can easily adjust them.

It’s quite challenging to find a good place for information that should be easily accessible but doesn’t really have to do anything with using the application and probably would only be used once. Hence why those links are placed on the home-screen (and are available during the onboarding process). Here they can be easily reached if necessary, but they don’t interfere with the usage of the application—although I’m not fully sure if that’s legal since as far as I know, German law requires the imprint and privacy policy to be accessible with a maximum of two clicks. 🤔

Meanwhile, I’ve also tweaked the documentation section of this website. Next- and previous links are now reversed on mobile, since it’s more likely that a user would want to read the next article instead of going back to the previous one.

The menu button for the sidebar on smaller screens no longer interferes with the main page menu and published/updated timestamps should take less space and be easier to read.

New Documentation Articles

I’ve also added two new articles to the documentation and updated the limitations article to better describe some more limitations that Mattrbld currently has—as usual, the goal is to be as transparent as possible so people know what they’re getting into before they try it.

While the first section of the documentation focused on getting started with Mattrbld, the newly added section “Working with Projects” will deal with everything from importing to configuring a project in Mattrbld. The first two articles that are already published are but the first of many that will be added in the coming weeks.

Coming Up

And that’s it already. I guess I really did manage to just step away for a while—but it also makes me excited to work on it again! Even if that work will be mostly writing documentation articles. 😅

The next two weeks I’ll focus on finishing the Working with Projects section and hopefully be able to get started with the section on modelling data in Mattrbld.

As usual, thanks for checking in—be sure to come back in two weeks when we’ll be back to a more comprehensive look at changes in the project. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, feel free to reach out on Twitter. 😊😎